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0.0000033 BTC/Hour

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0.00008 BTC per day

Bitcoin Core Miner

Bitcoin Core Miner is a company made up of blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and IT developers. We are passionate about creating new technology and see cryptocurrency and blockchain as a great platform to do so. It is our goal that people become familiar with Bitcoin cloud mining and acquire knowledge about it. The first mining farm in Eastern Europe was built after we came up with the idea of mining as a service. Although we have grown tremendously since we were founded, one thing hasn't changed: we continue to believe in the future of digital currencies and we love the opportunity to be part of such an exciting community.


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Silver Hash-rate 1

0.00120BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.000050 BTC/Hour
Affiliate bonus: 15%
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Silver Hash-rate 2

0.01500BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.000630 BTC/Hour
Affiliate bonus: 20%
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Golden Hash-rate 1

0.03200BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.001400 BTC/Hour
Affiliate bonus: 25%
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57% Discount

Golden Hash-rate 2

0.07000BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.003000 BTC/Hour

0.26 BTC 0.6 BTC

Affiliate bonus: 30%
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53% Discount

Premium Hash-rate 1

0.09000BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.003750 BTC/Hour

0.4 BTC 0.85 BTC

Affiliate bonus: 35%
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67% Discount

Premium Hash-rate 2

0.15000BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.006250 BTC/Hour

0.6 BTC 1.8 BTC

Affiliate bonus: 40%
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76% Discount

Diamond Hash-rate 1

0.24000BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.010000 BTC/Hour

0.9 BTC 3.7 BTC

Affiliate bonus: 45%
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70% Discount

Diamond Hash-rate 2

0.35000BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.014500 BTC/Hour

1.5 BTC 5 BTC

Affiliate bonus: 50%
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63% Discount

Diamond Hash-rate 3

0.72000BTC per day
Earning rate: 0.030000 BTC/Hour

2.6 BTC 7 BTC

Affiliate bonus: 55%
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