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Btc core miner is one of the leading cloud mining company and with trusted partnersOur 100,000+ Customer Already Receive 1,665.78614530 Bitcoins. We are one of the most trusted and secure bitcoin mining solutions. We have the fastest-growing bitcoin mining community. We are ready to help those who want to start bitcoin mining without having single knowledge. We believe in customer satisfaction and quality of service. Our deep mining experience allows us to deliver better results and the highest return on investment in Bitcoin Industry. We have more than 70,000+ active members, 600+ Mining Rigs, 2500+ GPU's Cards & 65+ ASICS Miner & More.

When you invest in our company by upgrading your account, you are renting some portion of the Hash-Power our mining farm produces and every bitcoin mined by the portion of the Hash-Power that you rented will be deposited into your account balance for you to withdraw.


How Does BTC Core Miner Works?

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Register an account

Register using your bitcoin wallet address, email address and password, It takes only 1 minute.

The Free Mining Process Begins

We are super transparent, Your earnings will update every minute and you will see live automated bitcoin mining.

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Upgrade from free mining plan to premium and earn more bitcoins.

Withdraw Your Mined Bitcoins

Withdraw your bitcoin at any time, No minimum payout for premium users.


We are available all the time. We are happy to help you with any concerns. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Choose the best for yourself

Choose Plans & Pricing

Pricing Plans Affordable For Everyone. Start Mining Now!

Basic Hash-power 1.1

Earning rate

0.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0000050 BTC/Hour

0.0001200 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 10%

Basic Hash-power 1.2

Earning rate

0.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0000833 BTC/Hour

0.0020000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 15%

Standard Hash-power 1.1

Earning rate

0.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0002042 BTC/Hour

0.0035000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 20%

Standard Hash-power 1.2

Earning rate

0.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0002500 BTC/Hour

0.0060000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 25%

Premium Hash-power 1.1

Earning rate

0.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0010417 BTC/Hour

0.0250000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 30%

Premium Hash-power 1.2

Earning rate

0.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0014583 BTC/Hour

0.0350000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 35%

VIP Hash-power 1.1

Earning rate

0.0000007 BTC/Minute

0.0029167 BTC/Hour

0.0700000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 40%

VIP Hash-power 1.2

Earning rate

1.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0087500 BTC/Hour

0.2100000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 45%

VIP Hash-power 1.3

Earning rate

1.0000000 BTC/Minute

0.0146000 BTC/Hour

0.3500000 BTC/Day

Affiliate bonus 50%


Customer Reviews

Our 100,000+ Users Earning More Bitcoin By Using BTC Core Miner.

Btc core miner is a great mining platform. It saves your time and helps to generate income! I have 6 years mining experience and must say their mining tools are perfect with great investment returns.

Jamie Bold


I invested my retirement savings with BTC core miner for 4 months, during this period i have had daily earnings withour any issue. Payout is simply fast and mostly on time. I have invested more now and looking forward to enjoy the profits during my retirement. I seriously recommend.

Daniel Desch


This is a realistic program for anyonelooking for site to invest with. Paid to me regularly, keep up the good work!

John Smith


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